Additional Tips for a Better, Healthier Mouth

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Do you brush your teeth and gums twice a day? Perhaps, but you could be doing more. Do you also brush your tongue to help eliminate halitosis? Many individuals often take care of their teeth and gums simply by brushing, which alone isn’t 100% effective for maintaining a healthy smile. The following is a few questions you can answer to determine what other steps are being taken to give you the mouth you deserve:

– Do you avoid risks that may damage oral health like mouth jewelry, including lip rings?
– Do you schedule regular visits with your dentist?
– Do you avoid sugary drinks such as soda?
– Do you use a mouthguard or facemask when playing sports that can cause a mouth injury? If applicable, do you consistently clean your mouthguard?
– Do you know your complete dental history?
– Do you typically use products dentist-approved, or with the ADA Seal of Acceptance?
– Do you avoid hard candies?
– Do you use safe teeth whitening products? Have you discussed the product(s) with a dentist?
– Has a dentist or doctor cleared you of all eating disorders?
– Have you had your wisdom teeth checked by a dentist?

If you answered yes to 1 to 4 questions, your oral health is poor, and needs improvement.
If you answered yes to 5 to 9 questions, your oral health is ok, but needs improvement.
If you answered yes to all 10 questions, your oral health is great, keep up the good work!

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