Revitalize Your Smile with Dental Damage Prevention

Are you familiar with dental damage? Most people link damage to our teeth and gums to bacteria and microscopic fractures that can occur from dental erosion and similar injuries; however, blunt trauma and other forms of oral accidents and injuries can cause dental damage and destroy your smile in seconds. Dental damage can be prevented… Read more »

Answers To Your Toothache Questions

If you have a toothache, you probably have some questions (including how to relieve the throbbing pain!). We would like to help you by offering some information on how to handle toothaches. There are many reasons you could have a toothache. Some common reasons can include: – infection in the gums – an abscessed tooth… Read more »

Tips for Preventing the Progression of Gum Recession

Gum recession is a condition that involves your gums being so irritated that they shrivel up and move away from the base of the teeth. This exposes the tooth roots, causes an unattractive smile, and even compromises the jawbone (if it gets bad enough). Typically, brushing too hard, plaque buildup, and the wrong oral hygiene… Read more »

Outlining the Basics of Jaw Pain

Are you currently suffering from jaw and facial pain? If so, it is important to have it treated by your dentist immediately. If left untreated, it can cause serious oral ailments within your body. In addition, it can lead to debilitating pain within your facial area in numerous places. Thus, it is important to always… Read more »

Why You Should Help Your Smile With Dental Sealants

Our , Dr. , is happy to offer dental sealants at . Dental sealants are thin shells that are placed over the teeth to keep them in tip-top shape. There are many benefits to dental sealants, which is why recommends them often. To help you know more, is happy to list the benefits, which are:… Read more »

A Secret to Oral Health Success: Dental Floss

  Are you aware of how important flossing is for your smile? If you don’t already know, dental floss is extremely important for cleaning between teeth and areas that brushing alone cannot reach. Only by using interdental cleaning tools such as dental floss or a water flosser can you adequately clean between teeth and wash… Read more »

What Is Pregnancy Gingivitis?

Were you aware that pregnant women are perhaps more vulnerable to gum disease and tooth breakdown? Luckily, with a small amount of aid from our team, you can keep your mouth clean even during pregnancy. Here’s a tiny bit of information on gingivitis and why it occurs in pregnant women so often; we really hope… Read more »

Enjoy a Natural-Looking Smile with a Porcelain Dental Crown

Porcelain dental crowns, while still fairly new to the dental field, are gaining popularity rapidly because of their aesthetic quality, durability, and comfort. If you are considering receiving a dental crown, we invite you to review the following information to determine if this material is right for your smile. Porcelain is offered in a variety of… Read more »

How Your Dentist Detects Tooth Decay

Have you ever had your dentist, Dr. , tell you that you have a cavity? If so, you might be wondering how can tell, especially if the cavity is within the tooth and difficult to see with the naked eye. To help you understand the diagnosis process with a cavity, our dental team is happy… Read more »

Oral Health Care Tips for Halloween

The best way to prepare your teeth and gums for the upcoming Halloween season is to set forth an effective candy plan. A candy plan features techniques and methods to improve your oral health care, regular visits to your dentist, and a prevention checklist of products to exercise caution with or avoid altogether. With Halloween,… Read more »