Can Smiles Be Strengthened as You Age?

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As you age, we all assume your smile will begin to break down. However, this is simply not the case, because there are ways we can keep your teeth and tooth enamel strong and effective. This includes the foods and drinks we consume through the diets we keep, the oral health care habits we practice, and the cleaning tools we use.

When choosing which foods to keep as you age, avoid products that are overly hard or tough as they can easily chip or crack teeth. Also, try to avoid chewy or sticky products that may linger in your mouth and lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

For your oral health care, continue to brush your teeth twice daily and clean between your teeth every day with dental floss, making sure to reach all areas between each tooth including the back rows. However, for a more effective brushing session, use soft bristles and switch to electric toothbrushes. For flossing, consider other interdental cleaners that do not use thread, such as water flossers.

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