ComfortIf you experience anxiety when you visit a dental office, then come to ours and ask about our dental comfort. Our Dentist and team are willing to go above and beyond when helping to give our patients relaxing, enjoyable dental experiences. Please contact Dr. Sarah Frye and Dr. Kathryn Frye if you want to learn more about our dental comfort in Lexington, North Carolina.

We want all of our patients to have great experiences when they visit us for total health dentistry. However, we understand that some of our patients have had bad experiences in the past, feel nervous about coming to a dental practice, or have very sensitive teeth. Having dental anxiety can prevent some patients from receiving the care needed for a healthy smile, which is why we try to make our dental care as comfortable as possible.

Our Dentist and team use the latest procedures in the dental field so they can not only provide quality treatments, but comfortable care as well. Our team is always willing to listen to you and accommodate for your needs so you can have a great dental experience. We also offer services that improve patient comfort. At our office, we offer nitrous oxide, which helps the patient feel calm and relaxed during treatment. This type of sedation requires no prep prior to the appointment. To make our sedation services even better, we offer OraVerse®, which quickly reverses numbing. Our sedation dentistry can help relax nervous patients, and The Wand® anesthesia system makes injections much more comfortable. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you with our dental comfort, then call our office today.