ComfortMost people dread receiving shots, but we make them as painless as possible by using The Wand® anesthesia injection system. This specialized tool allows Dr. Sarah Frye, Dr. Kathryn Frye and our team to make the injections that numb your mouth feel comfortable.

Buffered Anesthesia
Dr. Frye has recently begun using buffered anesthetic (lidocaine). In order to preserve the liquid lidocaine injected to numb patients’ mouths for storage, the manufacturers produce it at a pH level of around 3. The normal body tissue has a pH of around 7. The more acidic pH of the lidocaine makes it sting when injecting and the body must buffer (bring the lidocaine to a pH of 7) before it will numb the nerve. By using a buffered lidocaine, the numbing effect takes place quickly (2 to 3 minutes), and less anesthetic is needed to produce the same amount of numb feeling. There is very little pinch and no stinging as the lidocaine is injected — a painless injection!

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