If your child is past the age of four and still sucks their thumb, then ask Dr. Sarah Frye and Dr. Kathryn Frye about thumb-sucking remedies. We know that children who continue to suck their thumb can cause harm to their oral health, so we offer advice on how to stop this habit. Please call today if you need suggestions for remedies for thumb-sucking in Lexington, North Carolina.

Children commonly suck their thumbs because it is a way they soothe themselves. Kids usually keep up this habit until they are between the ages of two and four before they grow out of it. However, if kids suck their thumb vigorously or they do not quit the habit after the age of four, then they can affect the alignment of their teeth and even the formation of the roof of their mouth.

If you think that your child’s thumb-sucking habit is causing harm, then there are some ways you can get them to quit it. For one, only use positive encouragement when they don’t suck their thumb rather than negative enforcement. You can do this by creating a progress chart for every day they do not suck their thumb and provide rewards. You may also try to relieve their anxiety so they do not have a reason to suck their thumb. Putting a bandage or sock over their hand at night can also help to stop this habit. If these methods and others prove unsuccessful, then contact our dental team today for more thumb-sucking remedies.