How Effective Is Your Flossing Habit?

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You can create a healthy, confident smile by building solid oral hygiene habits. Brushing at least twice a day for two minutes each day is highly effective for keeping your precious pearly whites clean. Flossing is the second part of that healthy regimen, cleaning the teeth that the toothbrush just can’t.

Some people thrive using waxed dental floss, or threaded flossers, and even water flossers. Depending on your manual dexterity, you can try different alternatives to find just the right flossing method to suit your needs. Let’s take a look at some flossing tips that can benefit your smile:

— Using a product that carries the ADA Seal of Acceptance will guarantee that the product has been proven both safe and effective for your smile.

— When you floss, plan on cleaning between each tooth in the front and back of your mouth, which should take no more than two to three minutes to perform.

— If you are using dental floss, be sure to change the thread between each tooth to avoid contamination.

— A good working length for dental floss is 18″, this fits comfortably around your fingers and allows enough floss to clean thoroughly.

— You may use single filament thread or multi-filament thread, but single filament is more shred resistant.

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