How Your Dentist Detects Tooth Decay

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Have you ever had your dentist, Dr. Sarah Frye, tell you that you have a cavity? If so, you might be wondering how they can tell, especially if the cavity is within the tooth and difficult to see with the naked eye. To help you understand the diagnosis process with a cavity, our dental team is happy to give you the details.

First, your dentist will use a special dental instrument to examine your teeth. Because cavities aren’t always visible, this instrument can help detect a cavity on the tooth’s surface. This is possible because your dentist will run the instrument over your teeth. If it sticks in place, it means the tooth has damage, which is likely a cavity. This is the first way to diagnose a cavity.

Second, your dentist can take detailed pictures of your mouth during your dental exam, which are called dental X-rays. These pictures show the teeth, tooth roots, and underlying bones as well as any problems associated with those aspects of the mouth. This can help your dentist identify a cavity that is hiding deep within your smile.

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