We offer a variety of tooth replacements at Frye Dental Care, including Maryland-bonded dental bridges. We offer this restoration because it is healthier for your smile than other tooth replacements. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Sarah Frye and Dr. Kathryn Frye if you would like to receive a Maryland-bonded dental bridge in Lexington, North Carolina.

Maryland-bonded bridges are also known as acid-etched bridges and resin-bonded bridges. A traditional bridge has the tooth replacement (pontic) flanked by two crowns which attach over the teeth (abutment teeth) flanking an empty space. This type of bridge requires the removal of vital tissues from these neighboring teeth, and it is a more expensive type of bridge. However, we offer the less costly Maryland bridge at our office which does not negatively affect the teeth remaining in your mouth.

The Maryland bridge consists of the pontic tooth and metal framework. This porous framework is called “wings,” and these wings help the restoration stay in place. After etching the back of the neighboring teeth with an acid, we will use a resin bonding material to attach the framework to these teeth. We use strong bonding agents to keep the tooth in place as you eat, speak, and smile. Contact our office if you would like to learn more about our Maryland-bonded bridges.