When we serve families at the practice of Sarah E. Frye, DDS PA, we do so with an intent to improve their oral and general health with quality care. Take a look at the reviews below to see how our Dr. Sarah Frye in Lexington, North Carolina, has improved smiles with complex treatments. Please feel free to call our dental office today to learn more. We are eager to hear from you soon!

Dr. Sarah Frye has been my son’s dentist for four years. Dr. Frye developed a personal treatment plan for my son specifically for his needs. She took the time to explain every procedure to me and my son. The friendly staff gives us VIP service every time. In the treatment rooms, the patient faces a window that overlooks a variety of bird feeders and natural scenery. We like to watch the squirrels steal the bird food! I highly recommend Dr. Frye and her staff. We drive all the way from Elkin, North Carolina, and it is well worth the drive.

– Jeffrey C.

My custom fitted snore guard is comfortable and convenient. It is easy to use both at home and when traveling, and has many advantages over the CPAP machine I have used for the past five years. When properly adjusted, the guard allows me to have a peaceful, snorefree sleep without the hose and mask of the CPAP. It prevents me from grinding my teeth, and I can also use the upper guard for applying home whitening gel. I am very pleased with the snore guard, and more importantly, my wife is also.

– James R.

I had a tooth pulled years ago and decided to get an implant. I needed to replace the teeth beside the one that had pulled. Dr. Frye did 3 implants and I couldn’t be more pleased. I recommend Dr. Frye for this difficult dental procedure.

– Don V.

For almost a year now I have been using Clear Correct. I see the dentist every 6 weeks and receive 2 sets of trays. You take out the trays only to eat and to brush and floss your teeth, so eating and cleaning your teeth is much easier with Clear Correct. I’m sure the results are different for everyone, but so far my experience has been good. I would recommend Clear Correct over braces because it is a lot easier to use and since they are “invisible” no one really notices you’re wearing them.

– Cassie R.

I went to Dr. Sarah Frye’s office for a routine checkup and she checked my teeth and my throat. She noticed something wasn’t right on my neck and she wanted my doctor to get it checked out. My doctor treated the medical condition. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have got it checked out. Thank you for checking on that and all that you do.

– Todd H.

My smile makeover was accomplished in just one visit by Dr Frye and her competent and compassionate staff. I love the results of my smile and now I smile much more often!! Thanks Dr. Frye!

– Carol B.

Sarah is ALWAYS professional, polite, and POLISHED. Angie is going above and beyond working with my insurance company to try to get services approved on some additional much needed dentistry. Truly a practice for all ages. TEAMWORK at its best. ‘

– Martha M.

Carol did a great job cleaning my teeth – loved the new product she used for my sensitivity! I can already tell a difference!

– Janet E.

I always enjoy seeing & speaking with everyone. Carol puts me at ease & i enjoy our conversations while she is working. She has that “knack” with her patients. My visit is never one I dread even though it is the DENTIST….heeee!

– Leigh Anne M.

Carol, “My Hygienist” is kind and thorough in her work. I am comfortable with her. She gentle yet able to clean my teeth completely. Dr. Frye’s up-to-date knowledge is beyond any dentist I have known or hear about from friends.

– G. Smith

I have had an excellent experience every visit and I always look forward to my appointments. Every staff member and especially Dr. Frye have always been friendly, caring, knowledgeable and efficient. I have always been treated exceptionally well by everyone.

– Jacqueline P.

Angie is so super sweet and caring. She really made us feel right at home and made me look forward too coming back for my own appointment

– Jennifer M.

Love the “cavity free” wall. Made my son feel super proud of himself!! Everyone was super nice. Especially Angie, who made sure my son got an appt. Thanks to everyone, great atmosphere and wonderful people!

– Heather D.

I have been a patient for a long time and will continue. I fully trust Dr. Frye with my dental care. Every one on staff is great!

– Avalee F.

I called Monday morning with a toothache, I was not even a current patient but was given an appointment that day and taken care of by a friendly staff. I have already recommended the office to several people.

– Teresa L.

Sarah Smith does a bang up job of cleaning, great about explaining things to the patient Dr. Frye does a great job of combining friendliness and warm with a professional demeanor …. keeps up with latest developments in dentistry. Great front desk person.

– Harold C.

I spent much of my adult life never wanting to show my teeth when I smiled. My teeth were crooked and discolored. Then, Dr. Frye introduced me to Invisalign braces, and zoom whitening. I can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Now I show my beautiful straight, white teeth every time I get an opportunity. Thank you Doctor Frye, and staff, for making me proud to show my beautiful smile.

– Nancy M.

I am extremely pleased with the Snore Guard (Mandibular Advancement Device) that was provided by Dr Sarah Frye. She and her office were very accommodating in having it fitted and personalized. It is much easier to use that CPAP, is very small and travels well, & has totally eliminated my significant snoring. It is comfortable and easy to adjust and, unlike CPAP, you do not have to reorder supplies at all. It has really improved the quality of my life & my sleep, and it has made the nights much quieter for my wife as well.

– E.T.

I was always a nervous patient when it came to dental procedures and therefore delayed anything that was not absolutely necessary. As a result, doing something about the crowding of my upper front teeth was put on hold. Talking about this with DR. Frye convinced me there was technology available to make dealing with this not the ordeal I worried about. Six crowns done pain free in ONE day now has me smiling more and wondering why I waited.

– Cindy V.

A few years ago, Dr. Frye replaced one of my teeth with an implant. This has been life changing for me. I had been trying to save this tooth which had decayed under an old crown by undergoing various procedures by an oral surgeon for years. There seemed to always be a problem with this tooth and it was a source of constant worry. I never ate on that side of my mouth and only ate soft foods. Finally, it became apparent that I was going to lose this tooth and Dr. Frye suggested an implant. I received exceptional care from Dr. Frye and her staff throughout the whole process. My implant looks great and I can eat whatever I want without giving it a thought! To be honest, I forget that i have an implant until I come for my dental check-ups and we discuss it. My implant looks so perfect that you would never guess that it’s not my real tooth!

– G.T.