A Fractured Tooth Might Need Treatment with a Crown

A dental fracture can vary in severity. Sometimes a dental fracture might be limited to the tooth enamel layer and it causes little to no sensitivity. Yet, you shouldn’t let this lure you into forgoing treatment at Frye Dental Care. As time goes on, the damaged tooth enamel could harbor bacterial matter and a new cavity. In a situation like... read more »

Why You Should Consider Dental Crowns

What have you heard about dental crowns? Have you ever wondered why this dental option could be useful for you and the health of your teeth? In reality, crowns are designed to match the color of your other teeth. However, do you know what happens when you have a crown placed? Luckily, a crown is a useful treatment option for... read more »

A Dental Avulsion Might Call for a Bridge Restoration

The trauma of a dental avulsion often causes so much damage to the knocked-out tooth that Dr. Sarah Frye simply cannot repair it with a root canal. For a case this severe, they might advocate extracting any remnants of the root and suturing your gums over the socket. When you're ready, they can help you understand your dental restoration options.... read more »