Dr. Sarah Frye, Dr. Kathryn Frye and our team know that your oral health can have a huge impact on your general health, which is why we offer total health screenings. We provide the care you need to protect the health of both your smile and body. Schedule an appointment today if you would like to receive a total health screening in Lexington, North Carolina.

Your mouth is an entrance into your body, so its health has a huge impact on your general health. Gum disease, for instance can cause a myriad of health issues to develop, including diabetes complications, heart disease, pregnancy complications, osteoporosis, etc. Infections and bacteria that grow in the mouth can spread to the rest of the body and create serious problems. For this reason, we offer a total health screening at our practice.

Our team believes in the mouth-body connection, which is why we offer total health dentistry for all of our patients. We know that a healthy mouth can result in a healthy body, vice versa. When you visit our office, we will check you for oral cancer and exam suspicious areas on the lips, head, neck, and jaw. When our Dentist and team perform your oral cancer exam, they will utilize the VELscope®, which enhances the ability to locate abnormalities in the mouth. We understand how the health of your mouth can affect the health of your body, which is why we offer the dental services which help to protect you. Contact our team today if you want to learn more about our total health screening.