What to Know When Giving Your Child Mouthwash

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Giving your child mouthwash as part of their oral care routine requires some planning for success, and our dentist and team are here to provide useful information on how you can protect and improve your child’s dental health. Below are some general guidelines on giving your child mouthwash to help them have better oral health.

As you may already know, mouthwash is not safe for young children while they are under the age of six, as a child of this age range is too young to know how to use mouthwash safely. Young children are very likely to swallow mouthwash instead of spitting it out, and this could make them sick. Furthermore, many mouthwash brands contain doses of fluoride that could lead to overexposure for children and cause them to develop fluorosis.

If your child is old enough for mouthwash, they should still be supervised as they rinse it around their teeth to make sure none of it is swallowed. At this age, you can begin encouraging your child to use mouthwash every day, and turning their rinsing routine into a game could make cleaning their smile more fun. This increases their likelihood to practice oral hygiene into adulthood.

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